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The History of LKP.
      Laughing Kids Productions was created in 1994 by William Vorva. It started out simple with a montoge of video game clips set to music. The purchase a video camera and other equipment prompted the growth of the small production company from a one person operation to many people getting involved. The number of people involved is continuously growing. First to join was William's brother, Brian Vorva. William later showed his friend Jamie some projects he had worked on, and instantly Jamie wanted in on L.K.P. and was immediately signed on. William, Brian, and Jamie have been the co-owners of the company ever since.

      Filming started out with a comedy based theme. Little skits, mock news programs, and talk shows were filmed. At this time L.K.P.'s intent was to make it's audience laugh. Laughing Kids Productions also began experimenting with stop action animation using G.I. Joes and other props. Everyone who watched enjoyed what Laughing Kids Productions had created.

      In June 1995, Jamie came up with the idea of filming what we call "complex choreographed fighting scenes," in other words, making realistic looking fighting sequences. They were also very entertaining to all who watched. Soon after Laughing Kids Productions established the World Wrestling Street Fighting Federation (WWSFF) which is based on the style of WWF and WCW wrestling seen on T.V. Laughing Kids Productions then switched from the Comedy genre to the Action genre.

      Today there are a couple of scripts waiting to be filmed. Action movies are the main motivation of L.K.P., but there is still some comedy, and WWSFF is quickly gaining popularity. In early 1999, Jamie put Laughing Kids Productions and WWSFF on the internet, and of course, this website was created to get Laughing Kids Productions some recognition.


What does Laughing Kids Productions film?


-Action Movies

-World Wrestling Street Fighting Federation (WWSFF)

-Live Events (i.e. Great Cardboard Boat Regatta, etc.)

-Comedy Skits (Talk shows, news programs, etc.)

-Machinama (Filmmaking within a real-time, 3D virtual environment, often using 3D video-game technologies.)

-Anything else imaginable that can be put on video tape.


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